Collection Management

The Trust is a registered Museum and holds a collection of over 50,000 objects. Most of these objects are the bones of small mammals found during excavations at Pin Hole cave in the 1980s. Other objects include flint stone tools and bones of large mammals found during earlier excavations in other caves at Creswell Crags

Objects found during excavations at Creswell Crags are scattered amongst 30 museums in England, Scotland and Ireland. The development of the new visitors centre has enabled the Trust to bring together these collections including artefacts from the British Museum. Other partners including Brew House Yard, Nottingham, Woollaton Hall, Bolton Museum and Manchester Museum have all agreed to long-term loans for the new permanent exhibition. 



The Trust is seeking to establish a national database for these collections to help education and scientific study. The Trust relies on a hardworking group of volunteers to maintain and develop the collections management programme at Creswell Crags.

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Exploring objects


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