Anston Stones Gorge

Anston Stones is a large cliff sided valley on the outskirts of North Anston village, South Yorkshire. High up on the south facing cliff is Dead Man's Cave.

Who excavated Dead Man's Cave?

George Gwynne-Griffiths (then George White) excavated here in 1967-1968 followed by Paul Mellars.

Who visited Dead Man's Cave in the Ice Age?

Flint knives and blades that were found are similar to artefacts from Creswell Crags. Hunters may have been using this cave as a temporary camp just for one or two nights around 12,000 years ago as an alternative to other caves and rockshelters in the area.

Which animals lived in the area?

Bones recovered from the deposits are of very mixed ages including very recent material. Bones of Ice Age animals include remains of wild horse and reindeer. Radiocarbon dates for the reindeer just after 10,000 years ago show that reindeer herds were still living in this area just after the last Ice Age.

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