Langwith Valley

North of the tiny hamlet of Langwith is Langwith Valley. On the south facing valley slope is Langwith Basset Cave.

The Rector of Langwith Basset, Edwin Mullins, excavated this site between 1903 and 1913. Unfortunately, most of the bone remains found by Mullins are now lost although flint artefacts, which are of mixed ages, survive. The animal remains include spotted hyaena, an animal possibly using the cave as a den during the Last Ice Age. During the excavation a complete human skull was recovered. Originally the skull was thought to be Palaeolithic but was found by radiocarbon dating to be Iron Age.

Dorothy Garrod excavated some of the remaining deposits in 1927 and found that badgers, living in the cave more recently, had mixed the archaeology and palaeontology together. This made understanding the site very difficult.

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