Could you have survived the Ice Age?

with no electricity, no money or anywhere to spend it, no roads or cars to drive, no house to live in... still think you can survive?

Test Your Survival Skills

Could you have survived the Ice Age? Find out if you have the skills with our simple online test


Culture and Creativity

Discover how our Ice Age ancestors expressed themselves through art and creativity 50,000 years ago


Camp sites

People in the Ice Age moved their camps from place to place around large areas as the seasons changed. Find out more


Tools and raw materials

Stone Age people were skilled at tool making. Discover how they used materials from different sources to make a variety of Stone Age tools


Food and hunting

Learn about our nomadic hunter gatherer ancestors and how they found food under extreme conditions



Explore the evidence surrounding Ice Age people and their relationships with the animal kingdom


Exploring objects


Ice Age Rock Art - Triangles

There are many interpretations and potential explanations for the meaning of the triangle symbols found on the wall of Church Hole cave. Complete the poll below and contribute to the debate...


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