Test your survival skills

If you think you can survive the Ice Age try answering the following questions. When you are finished, click the button at the bottom of the page.

  1. Where would you find your food in during the Ice Age?

  2. What would you make your clothes out of?

  3. What would you hunt and kill animals with?

  4. What types of materials would you make tools and weapons with?

  5. Where would you live?

Have I survived?

If you scored 5 well done, the freezing cold of the Ice Age should not be a problem for you

If you scored 4 good work, we suggest you look at the answers so you can be sure of survival

If you scored 3 your survival is in the balance, perhaps you need to take the test again!

If you scored 2 there may be excavators digging you up in 100,000 years

If you scored 1 you have no chance of surviving

If you scored 0 let's hope you never have to go out in the cold!

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