News in November 2011

  • Nov 21

    Erasipteron Bolsoveri; The Gracefully Winged of Bolsover

    This week Creswell Crags announced plans for its groundbreaking new temporary exhibition to launch in Spring. The exhibition will focus on the giant prehistoric dragonfly discovered by two miners in 1978 at Bolsover Colliery. This geological specimen is on loan by kind permission of the Natural History Museum in London. Known locally as ‘The Beast Bolsover’ the dragonfly had a wingspan of over 20cm and belongs to the now-extinct variety of dragonflies known as ‘Protodonata.’ The fossil dates back to the Carboniferous Period and would have been flying around 350 million years ago. For the first time in over 20 years, this nationally important geological specimen returns to the region and is being celebrated in a series of events and exhibitions at Creswell Crags. Creswell Crags are now looking for people to come forward with any information to help tell the story of its discovery for an exhibition that will launch at the end of March.  Project Officer, Rebecca Clay, says ‘It is very exciting to have such an important part of the area’s natural history on display near to where it was discovered. It also gives us the opportunity to present the fossil in new way by telling the story of its discovery from the people that were there at the time. We really want the local community to have a say in how the exhibition looks and feels. For more information and images, please contact Rebecca Clay at Creswell Crags Visitor Centre on 01909 720378 or email

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