News in July 2012

  • Jul 26

    Tours Through the Ages

    Visitors to Creswell Crags last weekend got the rare treat of exploring several caves and meeting historical figures involved with their excavation. The ‘Tours Through The Ages’ event marks the only time in the year when visitors can go in the three largest caves at once, including Pinhole Cave which is rarely open.

    The highlight of the tour for children was meeting a ‘cave woman’ in Robin Hood Cave. They were allowed to handle many artefacts found in the cave, including a mammoth tooth and bone spear tips. They were told how cave people lived in those very caves around 28,000.

    The tour began in Church Hole cave, where visitors were greeted by the wife of the famous Victorian archaeologist Professor Boyd Dawkins. She explained how the cave had once been used for a cattle shed and was later excavated using dynamite. Fortunately, archaeologists have more sophisticated methods now! 

    Visitors were also shown examples of Creswell Crag’s world famous cave art, the most northerly in Europe and only known ones in Britain. From this, historians learnt a lot about how cave people lived and hunted. It has recently been dated to be more than 13,000 years old. 

    The tour then moved to the rarely-seen Pinhole Cave where they were met by an archaeologist from Sheffield University who excavated the cave in the 1980s, Ian Wall (now Director of Creswell Heritage Trust). It was a hyena den and was occupied by Neanderthals occasionally. The tour was entertaining for children as well as great price for adults. Even people without an interest in history were awed by the sights of pre-historic caves.

    Jamie Waller, Journalism student

  • Jul 18

    New mobility scooter

    A new mobility scooter is now available for use at the Crags in time for the summer. Creswell Crags is participating in Derbyshire County Council’s Access for All programme, which aims to make Derbyshire’s vast number of trails, paths and bridleways accessible to all.

    More information can be found at:

    To reserve the scooter or for more information about hiring it at Creswell Crags, please call us on 01909 720 378.

  • Jul 04

    Julian Richards of 'Meet the Ancestors' at the Crags!

    Julian Richards

    'What's Under Your feet?'

    Saturday 28 July, 2.30pm - 4.00pm

    FREE event: Booking essential, please call 01909 720378

    We are very happy to welcome Julian Richards of BBC2’s ‘Meet the Ancestors’ to talk about his latest archaeological work. Julian, archaeologist, writer and broadcaster, is a leading light in British archaeology, currently working with 43 schools on a great new project ‘What’s Under Your School?’

    This talk is part of Limestone Journeys Walks & Talks 2012.

    Take a look at all the great  FREE walks & talks in the Limestone Journeys area here - lots of walks in July, so book soon!



    Before the talk, why not join Julian and the Community Archaeology Group for the 'Pub Dig' at the Elm Tree Inn, in Elmton? This is a Limestone Journeys project lead by Creswell Heritage Trust.

    Dig and handling activities: 12pm - 4pm.


    Creswell Crags and Limestone Journeys are celebrating the Festival of British Archaeology. There's something for everyone, come along and celebrate with us! Check out the Creswell Crags events listings and Limestone Journeys Walks & Talks 2012 for more events.

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