Terms of Use

The content of the web site creswell-crags.org.uk including all text and collection of images is protected by copyright law. Duplication or sale of all or part of the text and image collection is not permitted, except that the text and images may be duplicated by you for your own private study, research or educational purposes either as prints or by downloading. Such prints or downloaded records may not be offered, whether for sale or otherwise, to anyone who is not an authorised user. You are not permitted to alter any downloaded records without prior permission from the copyright owner.

As a user of this web site (creswell-crags.org.uk) you have unconditionally accepted the agreement between you (the user) and Creswell Heritage Trust.

1. Definitions

1.1 "Agreement" will mean this document, including all of its terms and conditions and any appendices that are attached to it.

1.2 "Authorised Users" means persons who are accessing the resource for the purpose of research or education including life long learning.

1.3 "Browse" means to view, inspect or read a display.

1.4 "Collection" means the collection of text and images, whether in machine readable or any other form, and any part thereof including data that have been included in the collection in the course of digitisation.

1.5 "Display" is the output, in part or in full, of records retrieved in a search which are displayed on the video screen of any terminal, workstation or personal computer used by an authorised user.

1.6 "Download" means the transfer of data in any form from the collection to any computer storage device, computer peripheral or computer so that it survives an individual search session. Downloading does not include printing output from a search, any momentary process by which data are transferred from one computer to another or from a computer to a printer for the sole purpose of printing output from a search.

1.7 "Educational Purpose" is the use of, in part or full, of the digitised record for education, private study or research provided that such use does not generate a profit or income.

1.8 "Print" is the output, in part or in full, of records retrieved in a search and which is either printed on a printing device that is part of, or connected to, an authorised user's personal computer, workstation or terminal or is printed at a centralised printer in an education or research institution.

1.9 "Record" is a complete machine readable unit of the collection that represents a single image, including all tagged fields containing data primarily associated with that image.

1.10 "Search" is the execution of a command or commands to a computer.

1.11 "Service" will mean the computerised system or systems as offered to authorised users.

2. Licence

Creswell Heritage Trust grants to you a non exclusive licence, subject to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, to permit the collection to be used as described in this agreement.

3. Conditions of Use

Creswell Heritage Trust allows authorised users to browse, display, download, search, retrieve and print records from the digitised version of the collection for any private, research or educational use compatible with the educational purpose as defined by this document . No authorised user will be permitted to use the collection, or any part of it, for monetary gain or publication for sale, nor to offer the collection to anyone who is not an authorised user without the express written permission of Creswell Heritage Trust or another licence holder.

Creswell Heritage Trust will require that each authorised user will take reasonable measures to prevent access to, duplication of, or distribution of the collection by anyone who is not an authorised user, and will take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorised use of the collection by any authorised user. In the event of any unauthorised use of the collection Creswell Heritage Trust will take appropriate action.

4. Ownership of Copyright

The copyright in any additional data added to the collection shall belong to the authors of that data.

5. Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by English law and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to any claim or matter arising out of this agreement.

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