APTCOO Skillsgrow Photography and Framing - COMING SOON!

APTCOO’s exhibition is Skillsgrow Photography and Framing and will include photography and framing produced by their staff, volunteers, learners, children and young people, parents and carers alike.  

 The Skillsgrow sessions take place at APTCOO’s Learn, Work and Earn Centre in Mansfield.   

 The sessions encourage children and young people; parents and carers; learners and volunteers to identify personal aspirations and goals positively and creatively and, at the same time, learn practical skills in a fun, engaging and accessible way.   

APTCOO deliver innovative models of learning designed to engage any person, at any level, to develop a range of skills and attributes that will underpin their future success in education, work and life readiness.  

Derbyshire Lives Through The First World War

The Derbyshire Lives through the First World War Touring Exhibition was commissioned by Derbyshire Libraries & Heritage in 2016. 

The Exhibition forms the final element of the Derbyshire Lives through the First World War project, which has supported local communities to commemorate their experiences of the First World War. 

The project is supported by Derbyshire County Council with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). 

The touring exhibition will run from December 2016 through to December 2018 at venues across Derbyshire.

It is here at Creswell Crags until the end of March.

This exhibition is the culmination of a fantastic county wide project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Derbyshire County Council.  

Over the last three years the project has aimed to help Derbyshire communities to mark the centenary of the War and learn more about the contributions of local people during those troubled times.

The exhibition looks at life on the front line, the home front and how the individual lives of Derbyshire people were affected by the conflict.  Poignant stories of struggle, triumph and injustice, as well as more light-hearted tales, are told from what was the very first truly modern war and an event that has shaped the world for the past century.

Derbyshire Lives Through the First World War will tour venues across Derbyshire throughout 2017 and 2018.

To learn more about the great work the project has done with communities, and future exhibition venues visit www.derbyshirelives.wordpress.com

You can find this exhibition in our temporary exhibition room upstairs.

Experience the new exhibition