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Drawn pieces of bone © 2000 The British Museum

Drawn pieces of bone

20th century drawings of marked bones from A. L. Armstrong’s excavation in Mother Grundy’s Parlour.

A drawing, published by A.L. Armstrong in 1925, of three pieces of bone (top row) found by him during excavations at Mother Grundy's Parlour (1923-25) and now in The British Museum (1937.7-12.10-12). These were thought by Armstrong to be Palaeolithic engravings of a bison's head, a reindeer, (facing left) and the head and horn of a rhinoceros. Armstrong compared these apparent engravings with engravings and paintings of woolly rhinoceros from Palaeolithic sites in southern France (bottom row). The marks making up the bison, reindeer and rhinoceros' head are due to natural root etching of the bone surface. However, the lines of the horn of the rhinoceros appear different and may be genuine cut marks made during de-fleshing with flint knives. Unfortunately none of the bone fragments can be identified to species and their age is unknown.

Glossary: Palaeolithic, Root etching