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Mesolithic artefacts © 2000 Mrs P.Finch

Mesolithic artefacts

Later Mesolithic waste material from making tools collected from a field close to Elmton Village, Derbyshire. 8,800-5,400 years old. Made of chert.

This group of cores, blades and flakes was all collected in 1987 from plough soil on land close to the village of Elmton, Derbyshire, approximately 3.5 km west of Creswell Crags. All of the artefacts are made from chert. Finds of small chert microliths date this material to the Later Mesolithic between 8,800 and 5,400 radiocarbon years ago.

The most likely source for this fine-grained black chert is the limestone region of the Peak District to the west of Creswell Crags. Other tools made from black chert have also been found at Mother Grundy’s Parlour and cave C22 at Creswell Crags, Ash Tree Cave near to Whitwell, Whaley Rock Shelter Nº2, and Thorpe Common Rock Shelter in South Yorkshire. This quantity of chert artefacts strongly suggests that the material was brought into the Creswell area by people who spent part of their time, perhaps seasonally, in the Peak District. It provides tangible clues as to the movement of some of the Mesolithic groups who used the Creswell area.

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