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Lion tooth © 2000 Creswell Heritage Trust

Lion tooth

Canine from Robin Hood Cave. Last Ice Age (Middle Devensian).

This canine of a lion (Panthera leo) was one of the most spectacular finds from a small excavation by Rogan Jenkinson in 1981. It was recovered from the back of the west chamber of Robin Hood Cave. Other fauna from this excavation includes spotted hyaena, mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, wild horse and reindeer, a group of animals typical of the middle of the Last Cold Stage. When Boyd Dawkins wrote about fauna found in 1876 at Robin Hood Cave he produced measurements that showed Pleistocene lions to have been larger than those of today. The reduced and uneven root of this tooth shows it has been gnawed by spotted hyenas.

Glossary: Glacial, Ice Age, Interglacial, Last Cold Stage, Pleistocene

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