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Narrow-nosed rhinoceros jaw © 2000 The Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester

Narrow-nosed rhinoceros jaw

Lower jaw of a young narrow-nosed rhinoceros from Mother Grundy's Parlour. Last Interglacial, 130,000-110,000 years old. Bone

This specimen is part of the lower jaw of a narrow-nosed rhinoceros (Stephanorhinus hemitoechus) and was found in 1878 during excavations at Mother Grundy's Parlour supervised by Donald Knight. The jaw is from a young animal. The milk teeth are in wear and there is a fully formed but unerupted adult tooth. The narrow-nosed rhinoceros is one of the characteristic large mammals of the warm interglacial periods of the later Pleistocene and appears to have been tolerant of a wide range of temperate environments. This rhinoceros is commonly associated with the straight tusked elephant and it appears to have been capable of both grazing and browsing. The likely age of this specimen is between 130,000 and 110,000 years ago.

Glossary: Glacial, Ice Age, Interglacial, Pleistocene