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Wild horse jaw © 2000 The Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester

Wild horse jaw

Lower wild horse jaw from Pin Hole. Last Ice Age (Middle Devensian), 50,000-38,000 years old.

This lower left jaw from a wild horse (Equus ferus) was found by A.L. Armstrong in the side passage of Pin Hole during excavations between 1924 and 1936. It is part of an animal population, or fauna, most probably dated to between 50,000 and 38,000 years ago. The climate during the middle of the Last Cold Stage was extremely variable. The presence of horse is likely to represent periods when the climate was colder and drier.

Teeth and bones of horse are particularly abundant at Pin Hole. Comparisons with remains of woolly rhinoceros from the same cave show that some horse bones lack evidence of gnawing by spotted hyaenas. It is likely that these were accumulated by another predator, possibly lions or even humans.

Glossary: Last Cold Stage