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Robin Hood Cave drawings © 2000 Derbyshire County Council:Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Robin Hood Cave drawings

Fieldwork drawings by J.M.Mello and W.B.Dawkins at Robin Hood Cave in 1876 in the western chamber.

This ground plan and two profiles of Robin Hood Cave was drawn by Boyd Dawkins in 1876.

The profiles are schematic and only show the slope of the rock floor and the contours of the roof. It is not clear whether the same horizontal datum lines were used to take the measurements needed for each drawing.

The ground plan of the cave gives more information. The position of the two profiles are indicated (Sections B and C) and the cave has been divided into excavation areas, each labelled by a letter of the alphabet. The dates when different parts of the cave were excavated are also indicated on the plan. The finds from this excavation were placed in bags and labelled with the date of excavation and the stratigraphic layer in which they were found. This plan, crude as it is, would have allowed the excavators to pin point where the bags of finds came from. Unfortunately, most of the information has now been lost..