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Side scraper © 2000 The British Museum

Side scraper

Middle Palaeolithic tool from Robin Hood Cave. 60,000 - 40,000 years old. Made on a flint flake.

This scraper is made on an elongated flake of black flint and was most probably used as a tool to clean and repair animal skins so that the fur or leather could be used as a material. Found possibly in Robin Hood Cave, it is between 60,000 and 40,000 years old.

This artefact was given to A.L. Armstrong by W.F. Jackson of Dore, near Sheffield. It is only labelled 'Creswell 18 April, 1889', although it was published by A.L. Armstrong as from Robin Hood Cave. The date of discovery is after the excavations by Dawkins, Heath and Mello, but perhaps contemporary with those of Robert Laing who is known to have excavated in the cave in or before 1889. This artefact is similar to another side scraper from Pin Hole and like that artefact is thought to be Middle Palaeolithic and was possibly part of the tool kit used by Neanderthal people.

Glossary: Anatomically modern humans, Artefact, Assemblage, Backing, Biface, Blade, Bronze Age, Cordiform, Core, Cortex, Creswellian, Culture, Debitage, Early Upper Palaeolithic, Flake, Flake tool, Glacial, Hafting, Handaxe, Ice Age, Interglacial, Late Upper Palaeolithic, Middle Palaeolithic, Neanderthal, Palaeolithic, Pleistocene, Retouch, Scraper, Tool, Upper Palaeolithic