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Pin Hole section drawing © 2000 Derbyshire County Council:Buxton Museum and Art Gallery

Pin Hole section drawing

Drawing by A.L. Armstrong of the layers in Pin Hole during excavation between 1924-1936.

This published section of the sediments within Pin Hole was drawn by A.L. Armstrong at about 12.3 metres (40') inside the cave. Unlike other sections drawn by Armstrong, this is a realistic rather than a schematic representation of the deposits within the cave. In particular the section records random blocks of limestone which have fallen from the roof and walls of the cave rather than these being organised layers of collapsed slabs. This section also shows a distinct boundary between the upper and lower cave-earth. In the upper cave-earth he clearly indicates two hearth horizons. At the top of the profile is a thin band of stalagmite.

Glossary: Calcite, Carbonate, Cave-earth, Flowstone, Sediment, Speleothem, Stalactite, Stalagmite, Travertine

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