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Behind The Scenes At The Museum


This week I wanted to show all of the behind the scenes work that goes on in the museum. The first thing I do at the start of my day is to have a patrol around the gorge and open the meadow for visitors. I love walking around at the start of the day as it’s so tranquil and peaceful. I often see the same people each time having a walk around the gorge so it’s nice to have a chat and see how the regular visitors are getting on.


As part of my patrol I complete a cave inspection. This is done everytime visitors will be going into the caves to make sure that everying is safe and is as it should be. Whenever I’m alone inside Robin Hood’s cave I check to see where the cave spiders are residing that day to make sure they don’t spring up on me during a tour! Also, when inspecting the art in Church Hole I have a close look at the cave walls. I always hope to see a new engraving that I can claim as my own discovery!


The artefacts inside the exhibition need to be checked regularly as well. I check the temperature inside the cases by using an electronic gauge and make a recording of it to see if there have been any fluctuations. The artefacts are quite fragile, so they need to be kept at the correct temperature to conserve them, and they need to be protected by low level lighting. I really enjoy going around the museum and taking care of the objects as each one is so special and unique.

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