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A Baltic Gem

When I’m not looking after a group or taking a tour, I like to have a walk around the exhibition in the visitor centre. Even though I’ve been inside lots of times, I always find something new for me to look at. For a while I’ve been looking forward to the new temporary exhibition, A Baltic Gem, and once it opened I couldn’t wait to have a look around. It focuses on a small amber pebble which the Ice Age people carried all the way from the Baltic here to Creswell Crags. Archaeologists aren’t sure why they brought it here but have different theories, including that it could have been used as a medicine. I like to think that they kept it just because it looks decorative and it meant something special to them. For me, the best kinds of exhibitions are ones which are interactive because it makes the history and the artefacts come to life. I was really pleased when I saw that there was a section of the exhibition where people could leave objects, or comments about the things that they keep because they are special.   

People's hidden gems at Creswell Crags

My favourite item is a large feather as it looks unusual. I put one of my London Underground tickets into the exhibition as I have kept that because it reminds me of good memories, even though someone else may see it as a piece of rubbish. One visitor has commented that they enjoy collecting old coins with their friends, whilst another said that they pick up stones from the beach. It makes me realise that we aren’t so different from the Ice Age people.  

Feather at Creswell Crags

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