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It's Cool in Sheffield

Life on the Edge: Ice Age Frontier is a great exhibition currently available to see at Weston Park Museum in Sheffield. Co-curated by Creswell Crags and the team at Weston Park, it tells the story of the people and animals of the last Ice Age and how they managed to survive in such a harsh environment. 

There are loads of things to do and see that give a real impression of what it was like for the people that made the caves at Creswell Crags their home. It is a great chance to learn all about our Ice Age ancestors and how they interacted with the animals of their time, many of which have since gone extinct. There is even the opportunity to dress up as some of these Ice Age animals! Do you fancy becoming a woolly rhino or mammoth?

When you have had enough of dressing up there are also plenty of artefacts to see, many of which were discovered here at Creswell Crags. A particular highlight is the almost complete skeleton of a baby hyena found in Pin Hole Cave.

It might seem strange that the skeleton of a hyena would be found here rather than in Africa say, but they were actually a fairly common sight in the Ice Age before becoming extinct. They were just one of the many dangerous animals our Ice Age ancestors had to contend with. Just imagine having to fight off hungry hyenas as well as the bitter cold! It is incredibly rare to find such an intact hyena skeleton and this example has never before been on display. 

    Another reason to go along to Weston Park Museum and see this fantastic exhibition! Life of the Edge: Ice Age Frontier runs until 20th September 2015 and admission completely free.

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