Preparations have started at the Crags for an exciting new exhibition taking place from February-April next year. Artempo, a group of local artists from Retford, are focussing on the history, archaeology and nature of Creswell Crags to produce some beautiful artworks to put on display and sale! I got to take a sneak peek at their work last week and it’s really cool, I love the diversity of ideas they’ve come up with.

It’s been my inspiration for this Blog post too. There are so many amazing exhibitions in the region, with such a wide variety of themes, that it seems right to celebrate them all as well as our own. For example the National Civil War Centre in Newark has an amazing exhibition at the moment called ‘Shaking the Foundations: The Quest for Democracy’ all about Suffrage for the past 400 years. It’s on until the end of October and definitely worth a look!

One of my favourite museums is Weston Park Museum in Sheffield (maybe because they have some artefacts discovered at Creswell Crags in their ‘Beneath Your Feet’ archaeology gallery. But at the moment they’ve got an amazing temporary exhibition celebrating 250 years of circuses in the UK! Their display of posters, costume and memorabilia couldn’t be more different from the Creswell Crags collection, but (almost) as fascinating!

And if you want something completely different, why not head to Hardwick Hall to see their new exhibit based around the ‘Seadog Table’. This single object from their collection has so many fascinating stories to tell (it’s so much more than just a table, I promise) and definitely worth seeing in all its glory!

I’m going to be using all of these amazing ideas as inspiration while I plan our exhibitions programme for 2019/2020. If you have any ideas of items or ideas you’d like to see on display please let me know!