Following the global success of our Witch Mark promotion it should come as no surprise that our Marketing Officer would be a hot property and that other sites would be keen to head hunt her.

This has proven to be the case. Kat Middleton, who orchestrated this successful media strategy, has been recruited as the new manager of Belper North Mill, part of the Derwent Valley World Heritage Site in Derbyshire. This is a great opportunity for Kat and, whilst we are sad to say goodbye to her, we wish her every success in her career.

Mammoth green screen at Creswell CragsKat’s relationship with Creswell Crags has been a long one. She originally worked with us from 2009 – 2011 as a tour guide when she was hardly out of her teens. This period would stand her in good stead when she returned in 2017 to assume responsibility for Marketing, Events and Volunteers. Kat originally returned to run our retail provision but following a management review she assumed this new role and began to invest her unique energy into these duties.

Although Creswell Crags were already beginning to see a rise in visitors, Kat’s initiatives significantly increased this and under her guidance the site has witnessed an unprecedented increase. Like a lot of organisations, Creswell has had to change to meet the challenge associated with the decline in funding for heritage sites. The last few years have required her to adapt to this new reality whilst remaining true to our core values and respectful to our international importance. Kat has worked tirelessly to help us to become more sustainable during this climate of change. We are grateful to her for her dedication and all she has done to put us and our Witches Marks on the map. She will be leaving us in an enviable position for her replacement to build upon this success.

Thank you Kat for all you have given us and for leaving Creswell Crags a more exciting place than when you joined us. We are extremely grateful and look forward to witnessing the impact of your commitment in your future career.

Kat will be leaving Creswell Crags on 10th May 2019. Please join us in wishing her well.

Kat Middleton Kat Middleton