The board of Trustees meet four times a year and are responsible for strategic direction and policy of the charity. The Board of Trustees delegates certain decision making powers to an Executive Committee which reports regularly to the Council of Management. The following Trustees are members of the Executive Committee:

  • Dr Tim Caulton ( Chairman)
  • Cllr Duncan McGregor (Vice Chairman)
  • Paul Baker is Executive Director.


The patron of Creswell Heritage Trust is Professor Alice Roberts.

Alice Roberts [Paul Wilkinson Photography]

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees comprises 3 nominated Council Members of whom one is appointed from Nottinghamshire County Council, one from Derbyshire County Council and one from the University of Sheffield, and 6 ordinary Council Members. The Memorandum and Articles of Association allow for 3 nominated Council Members and 7 ordinary Council Members.

Terms of Office

Nominated Council Members can hold office for up to three years unless they are removed by their appointing organisation, although they are eligible for re-appointment under the terms of the Articles of Association. One third of the ordinary Council Members are subject to retirement by rotation at each Annual General Meeting but can be reappointed.

The Board of Trustees Induction and Training

New trustees undergo an orientation day to brief them on their legal obligations under charity and company law, the content of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the committee and decision making processes, the business plan and recent financial performance of the charity. During the induction day they meet key employees and other trustees. Trustees are encouraged to attend appropriate external training events where these will facilitate the undertaking of their role.

Related Party Transactions

Creswell Heritage Trust has one wholly owned subsidiary company Creswell Trading Company which is responsible for its own management and administration and its core purpose.