Objectives and Activities

The objectives of the charity as set out in the Memorandum of Association are that of promoting, for the benefit of the public, the conservation and preservation of the geology, archaeology, ecology and landscape in the Creswell Crags Heritage Area and the surroundings; of taking steps to secure the removal of inappropriate development from the Creswell gorge and at other sites the Trust is seeking to enhance and preserve; to advancing public education and promote research relating to the archaeological sites in the Area and to publish the useful results of that research; of providing or assisting in the promotion of facilities for the recreation and other leisure time occupations of those living, working or resorting in the area with the object of improving their conditions of life in the interests of social welfare.

The trust has continued to support these objectives through various activities/projects under the following key themes:

Conservation and Research

The Trust continues to work with English Heritage, Natural England, the Local Authorities and research organisations to develop strategies towards the conservation of the archaeology, palaeontology and natural history at Creswell Crags and at sites within the Creswell Heritage Area and the implementation of policies identified within the Creswell Crags Conservation Plan and the Creswell Limestone Strategy.