Research and Strategy

The guiding principles for the Heritage Trust are the Vision and Mission Statements.

The Vision

The Heritage Trust intends to achieve World Heritage Status for Creswell Crags and in so doing make a major contribution to the environmental, economic and social future of the former rural coalfield of North East Derbyshire, North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.

Mission Statement

The Trust will become a Centre of Excellence as a lifelong learning and interpretative resource for the archaeology and environment of the Quaternary period, will provide a high quality, improving and entertaining interpretative, educational, and recreational visitor resource within the Creswell Crags Heritage Area and will be a focus for landscape identity and sense of place amongst the communities of the Heritage Area.


The key aims of the Trust are to:

  • manage the archaeological, palaeontological and environmental resource at Creswell Crags and of the Creswell Crags Heritage Area to ensure its conservation and preservation for the benefit of the public and especially as a catalyst for local identity and sense of place;
  • interpret and present the archaeological resource to the public in an informative, entertaining and popular manner, in order to advance public knowledge, awareness and interest in the archaeology and environment of the Quaternary period and of the need for conservation.;
  • promote archaeological research and publication in the interests of conservation, interpretation and establishment of the Trust as a centre of educational and interpretative excellence for the archaeology and environment of the Quaternary period.