Livestreamed Learning

Our brand-new digital livestreaming service brings the unique archaeology and engaging guides of Creswell Crags into your classroom!

Using our greenscreen technology and closeup cameras, let us guide you through the past. You’ll be able to have a close look at some of our real collection objects, rarely seen by the public!


We have two exciting sessions designed to compliment your KS2 History Stone Age topic, or your KS2 Evolution topic, delivered to you as a private link via Zoom.

Simply the Stone Age

Puzzling over the Palaeolithic? Need to know about the Neolithic? This session is for you! Our “Simply the Stone Age” session is a quick romp through the three stages of the British Stone Age. Learn about the changes in the humans, animals and environment from the earliest of our ancestors to foot in our region, all the way through to the settlements and stone henges of the first farmers. Facilitated by a knowledgeable and engaging member of our Learning team, you will see splendid Stone Age artefacts close-up – some of which were found right here at Creswell Crags!

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Examining Evolution

Mutation, selection, adaptation – oh my! This session explores the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, or how life on Earth came to be so wonderfully diverse. We’ll take you through some of the basic principles, like what mutations are, and how mechanisms like natural selection can eventually lead to huge changes through time! Using examples from our museum collection, we’ll illustrate these ideas with plants, animals and even ourselves, touching on case studies by Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace and other important figures in the world of biology. 

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How To Book

If you would like to book a livestreamed session, please fully complete the form below. Our Learning team will then check your request against our session availability – please note that we need at least a month’s advance notice for staffing purposes. Once we have agreed a date and timeslot with you, we’ll send across your confirmation with a pack of activities that link to the session, to reinforce learning back in the classroom. Simple!

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Please do not give any personally identifying information in this box. We ask for this information because if there is anything we can do to make the session more accessible for people with additional needs, we will endeavour to do it. We regret that we do not have an automatic closed caption service, but we will try to manually type captions on special request, depending on our staff availability.

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