Bone and Antler Carving Workshop with Dr James Dilley

Wed, 03 August 2022


Bone and antler have been used from the start of prehistory up to the modern day for making tools, what does that tell us about the past?

Bone and antler has been used from the start of prehistory up to the modern day for making tools and ornamentation. People in prehistory had a close relationship with the animals these resources came from, what does that tell us about the past?

There is a huge selection of prehistoric objects including harpoons, needles, pins, spear points and fish hooks to name a few - which will you choose? Your tools to make these replicas will include sandstone files and flint tools, just like in the Stone Age!

Dr James Dilley is an archaeologist and craftsman who specialises in prehistoric technologies with over 18 years of experience. James has worked with museums and heritage centres around the UK such as The British Museum and Stonehenge and alongside media companies such as the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Smithsonian Channel and National Geographic.

Please note, this workshop is for ages 15+ and is not suitable for children.

Except in adverse weather, this event will take place outside: please wear suitable clothing and footwear for the conditions. We recommend comfortable, practical clothes and sturdy boots/shoes.

All carving materials and tools will be provided.

Tea, coffee and juice will be provided, as well as biscuits to keep you going. Lunch will not be provided, but all participants are welcome to use our café. All purchases support our work to look after the site. Those taking part are welcome to bring a packed lunch.

Tickets to this workshop are non-refundable.

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