Carnivorous Chronicles: tales of the Ice Age's carnivores

Mon, 25 July 2022


From sabre-toothed cats and hyaenas, to some less well-known creatures, this talk explores some of the carnivores from the Ice Age. 

Learn about their diets and behaviours, the environments they inhabited, and they interacted with humans.

This talk will be hosted via Zoom webinar. Please book your place using an email address you will check, as the Zoom link will be sent to that address shortly before the event (remember to check spam/junk/other folders in your inbox). You will not be seen on camera or heard on microphone during the session, but you will be invited to ask questions via the chat function on Zoom.

This talk is free to attend but we do ask for a suggested donation of £3. This is to cover the costs associated with hosting an event and to help support us. Creswell Heritage Trust is a registered charity with no regular funding support. We have only survived the challenges of 2020 and 2021 with the help of emergency funding and generous donations from our supporters: if you are able to donate as part of attending this event, it will be very much appreciated.

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