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Home of our Ice Age Ancestors

Our Museum displays a number of objects unearthed at Creswell Crags. This nationally important collection includes stone and bone tools as well as the remains of several surprising species which you might not have known were regular visitors to Britain.

Artefacts have been sourced and brought together from major British collections to illustrate this most influential period of human history. Let this nationally important exhibition guide you through the story of life in the Ice Age.

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Special Exhibitions

We hold a number of special exhibitions each year, on a wide variety of themes including archaeology, history, art, nature and wildlife. We work with many different groups and individuals on these exhibitions, and best of all, our temporary exhibitions are FREE!

This page will be updated with the exhibitions for 2023 once the information is available.

Marvellous Moss: from prehistory to today

21st October 2023 is the very first National Moss Day. To celebrate, we holding a temporary exhibition to explore the wonders of moss from prehistory to today, including the special moss and rare at Creswell Crags. We have plenty of photos and information, a video (Moss: the Movie), as well as activities for the children.

Image: Flat neckera (Neckera complanata). Credit: Claire Halpin. 

From 6th October 2023

Temporary Exhibition Room (first floor of the visitor centre)

Hyaena jaw with three teeth.

Archaeology at Creswell Crags: the community experience 

Since 2019, Dr Kevin Kuykendall from the University of Sheffield has been leading excavations at Creswell Crags. Rather than excavating the caves, the current excavations focus on the landscape of the gorge and surrounding area. In 2023, a community programme was developed, which recruited volunteers from the local area. This exhibition looks at the excavations from the aspect of the community programme, and showcases some of the newly-excavated items.

6th October 2023

Downstairs temporary exhibition area (ground floor of the visitor's centre)