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Thu, 27 January 2022

Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources Puzzled by the Palaeolithic? Puzzled by the Palaeolithic? Look no further! We created a handy free guide for teachers, plus downloadable activities and resources for use in the classroom. To navigate, please click to expand the sections below for more information on the displa...

Thu, 27 January 2022

Livestreamed Learning

Livestreamed Learning Livestreamed Learning Our brand-new digital livestreaming service brings the unique archaeology and engaging guides of Creswell Crags into your classroom! Using our greenscreen technology and closeup cameras, let us guide you through the past. You’ll be able to have a close ...

Thu, 27 January 2022

Educational Visits

Education Educational Visits Creswell Crags is an inspiring choice for an educational visit! Tens of thousands of students of all ages have benefited from our education programme which delves into the mysteries of the Stone Age in Britain.  We welcome all types of formal and informal education gr...

Thu, 27 January 2022

Thu, 27 January 2022

Nature At The Crags

nature at the crags The Wild Side Creswell Crags is home to a wide variety of rare species and plants. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and offers a great many rewards for nature lovers throughout the year. Our gorge is little changed since the Ice Age and repeat visits are esse...

Thu, 27 January 2022


itineraries Suggested Itineraries for Day Trips and Staycations Including Creswell Crags The Northern East Midlands and South Yorkshire borders offers so many wonderful experiences you’ll want to stop a while and take them all in. We’ve put together a collection of fascinating destinations to com...

Thu, 27 January 2022

Local Area

Local Area Exploring Further Creswell Crags is the ideal spot from which to begin your exploration of the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire borders. To the east, Nottinghamshire’s Sherwood Forest dates back to the Ice Age and this ancient woodland and historic royal hunting groun...

Thu, 27 January 2022

Walking Trails

Walking Trails A Walk On The Wild Side Whether you are looking for a quick stroll or a day-long hike, the area has trails to suit your requirements. Visit our shop for a variety of walking books and maps which highlight some of the surprises the area has to offer. Keep an eye on our events too,...

Thu, 27 January 2022

The Caves

The Caves Creswell Crags is a spectacular magnesian limestone gorge that straddles the border between Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. It is dotted with a large number of caves, fissures and rock shelters, many of which harboured secrets from our Prehistoric past. Archaeologists have been excava...

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