Sun, 15 August 2021

Author Rebecca Wragg Sykes Launches Paperback Edition of ‘Kindred’ at Creswell Crags

Creswell Heritage Trust is thrilled that Creswell Crags has been chosen to host an event celebrating the paperback launch of Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art by Dr Rebecca Wragg Sykes.

Creswell Crags is one of the most important sites for evidence of Neanderthal life in the UK, with artefacts dating back c. 50,000 years, to when Neanderthals took shelter in the caves of the limestone gorge. You can read Becky’s blog about Neanderthal Creswell Crags here.

During the event, on Saturday 21st August, visitors will be able to chat to Becky and listen to her talk about her book, and Neanderthals at Creswell Crags, as well as pick up a signed copy. Visitors will also be able to meet the Curator of Creswell Crags and see special artefacts from the museum’s collections, which are not usually on display. These free to attend sessions do not need to be booked and will take place at 2.15pm and 4pm.
In the Meadow, also free to access, visitors will be able to see an experimental archaeology hearth where researchers from the University of Liverpool will be making various Neanderthal technologies and inviting visitors to get involved. These include:

- Fire lighting using pyrite and flint 
- Hafting and spear production (looking at use of stone tools)
- Cave art using sections of reproduction cave wall
Becky is also hosting special tours around the gorge at Creswell Crags, which will include a glimpse into Pin Hole Cave: these are already fully booked. 

Kindred: At a time when our species has never faced greater threats, we’re obsessed with what makes us special. But, much of what defines us was also in Neanderthals, and their DNA is still inside us. Planning, co-operation, altruism, craftsmanship, aesthetic sense, imagination…perhaps even a desire for transcendence beyond mortality. It is only by understanding Neanderthals that we can truly understand ourselves.

Paperback launch of Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art by Rebecca Wragg Sykes
Book signing, talks and artefact ‘show and tell’, with access to Creswell Crags museum of prehistoric artefacts: 2.15pm and 4pm. Neanderthal technology demonstrations in the Meadow throughout the day. 
[Attendance on the special cave/gorge tours with Rebecca is by pre-booking only and is already sold out.]
There is a car park at Creswell Crags, with a charge of £4 for 3 hours or £6 all day. There is also an onsite café. If you are interested in taking a cave tour, please see the website for options and book in advance to avoid disappointment on the day. Creswell railway station is a 20 minute walk from the visitor centre at Creswell Crags.

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