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Tue, 29 January 2019

Hedges – Nature’s Motorways

Hedgerows are nature’s motorways .Small mammals, insects, butterflies, plants and even birds use hedgerows to travel from one region to another. The hedgerow provides a corridor along which to move, shelter from the elements, find safety from predators and a supply of food. So if the hedgerows at Creswell Crags are lost, nature loses its means of travel, its source of sustenance, and becomes isolated and more vulnerable.


Improving the hedgerows at Creswell Crags from a mono hedge of hawthorn to a mix species hedge. By hedge-laying and mix planting.

In two to three years the hedgerows will be are dripping in sloes, spindle, blackberries and even a few crab apples which will give you the perfect ingredients for lots of homemade goodies. And much richer in wildlife.

Want to try your hand at Hedgelaying?

We have 2 day courses for beginners and improvers throughout February! See our events page for details.