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Tue, 11 October 2022

Homotherium – an app by artist Sean Harris

We are delighted to announce that a new app, Homotherium, has just been launched at Creswell Crags.

The app has been created by Sean Harris, who is a talented visual artist and film maker, and has worked with many museums and research institutions. 

In the words of Sean: ‘Homotherium is an interactive animation-based artwork which takes the form of a journey. It’s a cautionary tale of truth and how we form it. The story unfurls through a series of digital flipbooks – waymarkers in the landscape – founded on revived ‘Ice Age’ creatures, their bones and the notebooks of the cave explorers who unearthed them.’ 

Download the app, read or watch the instructions, and then you’re ready to head to our gorge and explore along with the app!  

As you walk around the gorge, GPS points will trigger 13 different digital flipbooks, featuring animation, text and sound, providing you with a truly unique way to experience Creswell Crags. The flipbooks take you from an account of the scimitar-toothed cat (Homotherium latidens) two centuries ago, up to modern research on hyaenas, and the journey of palaeontological research in between. 

Links to download, and instructions for use can be found here: