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50,000 Years
Visitors for over
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Come face to face
with your past
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Visitors For Over

50,000 Years

Walk in the footsteps of the Ice Age hunter and enter a world of fire and flint.
Discover a legacy etched in stone with cave art 10,000 years older than the pyramids.
Explore life on the edge of the Ice Age world.

Our rocks have tales to tell
What will you unearth today?

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Pinhole Cave in the gorge at Creswell Crags

10 Reasons to Visit

So many incredible things to see and do. How did we choose just 10?

Tour group exploring caves at Creswell Crags

Ice Age Caves

Uncover the secrets of our Ice Age ancestors and the discovery of British Cave Art. Book a tour.

Exhibition in the Creswell Crags Museum


From stone tools to a hippo's jaw. You'll be amazed at what has been unearthed at Creswell Crags. 

Mammoth mascot

Birthday Parties

Every child deserves an unforgettable birthday? Whether they’re Ice Age Adventurers or Mini Mammoths, ours are wild.

Building a den at Creswell Crags

Life on the Edge

Calling all Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Scouts etc. Take the challenge. Earn the badge. It’s an adventure of mammoth proportions!

Conference room for hire

Venue/Room Hire

Business as unusual. A unique destination for meetings & conferences as well as a venue for start up small business opportunities.

Creswell Crags