Crags At Home – Resources

Crags at Home! Creative ideas inspired by Creswell Crags: for home schooling or just for fun!

Board Games

We have two Creswell Crags themed board games you can download to print and play at home! The instructions are all on the sheet, all you’ll need is something to use as a counter and two dice.

Poetry Activities

Our Poet in Residence, Hannah Cooper-Smithson, has been working hard to create some poetry activities you can do at home!

Hannah Cooper-Smithson, Poet in Residence

What I Saw At My Window

The first activity is perfect for when you’re stuck indoors – it’s all about using your imagination, and you can do that anywhere! Click  to download the PDF!

A Poem for My Pet

The second activity is called ‘A Poem for My Pet’ but you don’t need to have your own pet to give it a try! 

All About Ekphrasis

The third Poetry activity from Hannah is ‘All About Ekphrasis’. You might wonder what that means… Download it to find out more! It’s a type of poetry (pronounced ek-fray-sis), which is a Greek word meaning ‘description’. Have a go for yourself below! 

Alphabet Poetry

The fourth, and final, of Hannah’s brilliant poetry activities is ‘Alphabet Poetry’. It’s focused on writing about the world around us. Click to download it!

Colouring Sheet

We’ve also got a fun Creswell Crags colouring sheet for you to download! This was created especially for us from an original artwork by AdelaydeArt